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The Red Planet …


Hold onto your hats folks, it’s color photos from Mars. You kind of have to wonder how much it cost us to get these photos. I mean, okay, neat pictures from another planet, but I could’ve driven out to the desert and taken these for a little under a buck. Flat land, some rocks scattered around. Woohoo. Another couple billion dollars spent on a little robotic space photographer.

I guess I just don’t understand why it’s okay for our country to spend billions on things like this — like space exploration and on fighting wars for other countries and for rebuiding other countries, yet our local economies are struggling to keep kids in schools. Just today our Governor Schwarzenegger is going to make a speech on how he’s going to close a multi-billion dollar budget gap, meanwhile the same amount has been spent on pretty pictures of a flat, red planet.

One would think that we’d use all available money to get our schools in shape and to get the homeless off the streets and to get all of the local economies out of deficit and THEN, when our entire country is shored up, THEN we go and explore space and help others with whatever money is left over. You know, like all the other countries do. Why should they explore space when we’re doing it? Why should they spend money helping other countries when we’re doing it? It’s insane.

Ugh. I just don’t get it.

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