Plays Well With Others

Getting Off Easy …

As I was leaving our apartment today at lunch, I passed another apartment with a dumpster outside of it. On the other side of the dumpster were a couple of mattresses. Soon after was one of the maintenance people shoving a living room chair out of the apartment.

I struck up a little conversation with him, saying “Did they move out and just leave everything?”.

He responds, “Yeah, they left all the crap and took the good stuff. They had a big screen TV in there and took that, but left the crap.”

I’m guessing he had his eye on that big screen. It just baffles me that someone would move out of their apartment and leave all of their furniture.

Shit.. maybe we should do that. And then call the insurance company and say everything got stolen once we move. Hmm … nah, I like my stuff.

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