Plays Well With Others

Heaven and Hell…

Heaven is leaving for lunch around 1PM and getting back into the office around 3:15PM and having it be okay with the supervisor. Hell is having that lunch be with your coworkers. Ugh. It was a surprise shower for my supervisor who’s having a kid at the end of the month. Being a surprise, she didn’t know about it and decided to hold a meeting for some of the people who were supposed to be there. Of course, none of us knew this, so we all arrived on time and sat there for 45 minutes waiting for her to arrive.

It actually wasn’t so bad. As much as I dislike the thought of having to come to work everyday, it seems that once people get out of the office setting they become a lot nicer. So, it was fairly enjoyable… you know, for an office lunch. At least I got a two hour lunch out of it.

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