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Move Over Starbucks…


Nope. You’re seeing the correctly. That’s a McCafe. As in McDonalds. Seems that its huge in Hong Kong and Australia, but they’ve just started to spring up in America, with the first two in North Carolina and San Francisco.

I’m not a big coffee drinker, so I have no clue how this is going to go. I think people who like Starbucks are going to keep going to Starbucks. I think for awhile there will be a novelty about the whole thing, but then it’ll probably go the way of the McRib.

What brought this to mind was that over the weekend I went to Fry’s Electronics in Palo Alto and saw one of the McDonalds being remodeled, with a huge sign on the front saying “McCafe Coming Soon!!!”. Erm.

I find it all weird. You don’t really go to McDonalds expecting to get coffee served in an actual china cup. I go for a Big Mac in a cardboard box. Ugh. Whatever. Just what I need… a mocha with my hamburger.

Changing the way America eats… one bite at a time.

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    Katie | 09 May 2004

    Yeah, I don’t see that going over too well. When people think of McDonalds they automatically think of greasyass fries and hamburgers… so when I think “McCafe” I get this vision in my head of grease floating around in and congealing on the top of a latte.


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