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Friday Five: August 27th

1. It the election were tomorrow, who would you vote for? I’d vote for Kerry. I was watching the news last night and there was this Republican rally going on. This girl, obviously a Bush supporter, was yelling about how Democrats no longer support the American Dream, how they aren’t progressive, how they don’t want change… erm. Of course I want change, my first change would be getting Bush out of office. As for the American Dream, I guess it means different things to different people. For Republicans it means being rich, living in a house on many, many miles of land and not giving money to the government.

2. What are the main things that lead you to vote for a certain person? Well it used to be the candidate whose platform most represented my way of thinking. It just seems so hard lately to figure out where anyone stands on any issue because they spend so much time talking about everything else, but the issues. So, at this point, I’d vote for anyone that isn’t Bush.

3. Where do you get your info on the candidates? Mostly online. Everything is biased, but I try to get bits and pieces of information from various sources and put them together to get some sort of opinion on the candidates.

4. Who was president when you were born? Nixon. Yay.

5. If you could choose anyone, dead or alive, to be president, who would it be? Well Clinton didn’t do that bad of a job as President. Maybe his personal life was a train wreck, but what’s that got to do with being President.

2 Responses to 'Friday Five: August 27th'

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    Bill Johnson | 27 August 2004

    If you want to play that game…

    If the Republican dream is what you’ve stated here, the equivalent Democrat one is a totally expense-free, 100% government-subsidized life devoid of any actual responsibility.

    Note: I don’t necessarily *agree* with either of the exaggerations, but your side is just as vulnerable to caricaturing as the other.

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    Greg | 27 August 2004

    Haha. Yeah, I don’t really agree with either of the exaggerations either. I seem to be somewhere in the middle. For example, to give one to your team, I’m all over privatizing social security. Give me the money to invest, because I could probably do a better job than the government.

    I also think there have been some good Republican President’s… Bush just isn’t one of them… in my opinion.

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