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Welcome Our New Addition…

For a few months now, Wifey™ and I have been thinking about getting a pet. Because of the fact that we live in a townhouse, getting a dog didn’t seem all that fair. It’d have to be confined to the house or patio all day while we were at work and we’d have to get up early to walk it in the morning, plus dogs just take so much more care than cats do. So we pretty much knew we’d probably get a cat at some point. Maybe after we completed our refinancing and paid off all of our bills.

Well… so much for that idea. We decided to just look this weekend and you all know how that goes. We knew we wanted a kitten, so that it’d be more likely to bond with us and grow up with us. We also knew that finding one that was potty trained and a little more developed would be nice. So we ended up taking home a little four month old kitten we named Lily. We brought her home, she wandered around the house for a little bit, discovered that underneath our television armoire was just high enough for her to squeeze herself under without anyone being able to get her and well… she pretty much stays under there now. So it’s like having a cat but never seeing her.

Actually last night, Wifey™ was working late, so I stayed downstairs with her and she ended up coming out and spending quite a bit of time with me. She’s still in that stage where she’s not sure of everything, so you can’t make really sudden movements around her without her skidding under the armoire. She also discovered her reflection in the mirror last night. I heard all this hissing and commotion in the bathroom. She was beating the crap out of herself. Ugh. We got a stupid one.

Anyhow… welcome to Lily. I’ll try not to become one of these people who only blogs about their pet. 🙂

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    Mixie | 02 September 2004

    My cat used to hop down the hallway sideways and attack herself in the full length mirror in my parents room. I thought it was pretty funny.

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