Plays Well With Others


For a day off, this certainly has been a busy day. I actually took Friday through Tuesday off, only two of which are vacation days, the others are work holidays.

So Thursday evening after work, I dropped by the rental car place to pick up a compact, while my car was having routine maintenance done on it. Friday morning bright and early, Wifey™ and dropped the car off at the shop, did a few small errands and headed home. Wifey™ got ready for work, which she’ll be working all weekend, and then I drove her to work and headed home. I stayed home for a bit and then had to take Lily to the vet to get her rabies shot, I had to stop by work to drop off a check for my bank account and then headed over to Petco to grab something for the cat, then headed home. And then finally headed to the car rental place to return the car, waited for someone to pick me up and bring me to the car service place and got my car and returned home.

For a day off, I’m exhausted. Good thing I have a four more right around the corner.

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