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Switched at the Border…

My daily reading led me to this story on Yahoo. It’s basically the story of two brothers, who are originally from Cuba. The elder fled Cuba in a boat years ago and lives in Vegas, while the younger is still in Cuba. The two brothers look nearly identical, so they came up with a scheme to have the older brother make a visit to Cuba and then switch identities by having the younger brother use the older brothers documentation to come back to the U.S. The idea was then to have the younger brother mail back the paperwork to the older brother in Cuba, who would then return to the U.S.

The problem is that the Cuban government figured out what they were doing. So the younger brother is now living in the older brothers house with the older brother wife and kid, while the older one is living with the younger brothers wife and kid. And the government won’t let the older one leave.

You’ll have to read the story to understand it all, but what I found kind of funny is the last line of the story, where the younger brother says “Very few brothers would make the sacrifice he made, I am eternally grateful to him.”

Erm. Dude. Your brother DOESN’T want to be there. He wants his life back. He wants to be with his wife and kid. He’s probably sitting in your house right now trying to figure out how to get you back to Cuba, so he can go home.

Of course, if you read the story, it seems pretty obvious that the younger brother isn’t planning on leaving anytime soon. He’s absolutely LOVING it. I’m not even sure he misses his wife and kid.

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