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The other day I was playing with some settings on my camera and realized that I’d been shooting at 1024×768, rather than 2048×1536 and in Fine mode, rather than SuperFine mode. So with the higher resolution, I can only fit around 70 photos per 128MB disk, rather than the 250 I was able to shoot before. Ugh.

Anyhow, with that said, here’s an entry in pictures.

I must be out of the loop on this one, but when did they announce they were redesigning the nickel? Just a few months ago I got one with a different back on it. Then the other day I get one with a totally different FRONT. I didn’t even know what it was for a few moment. Stop changing the damn money so much.

I took this while driving past the scene, so that’s why it’s not very sharp. Over the weekend, this lady was driving up the side street past our complex when she drove INTO six parked cars. She had a car full of kids. Who knows what happened, but this car got the brunt of the damage. It used to be a Honda Civic. It basically got sandwiched between her car and that white car in front of it. The car it totalled. Good thing no one was in it. Ugh.

Finally, I took a walk down by the lagoon across the street from our complex and thought I’d check out this SuperFine mode. I don’t notice a difference. Anyhow, this photo is of the seating that faces the outdoor amphitheater, where they have summer concerts and stuff. The grass is totally fake. It’s this plasticy stuff that feels like grass… it’s soft like grass, in fact, most people don’t realize it’s not grass until they touch it.

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