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Getting a High…

Taking a hit of marijuana, smoking crack, ecstacy… just a few ways people get a quick high. Of course, kids can always figure out something new and it seems they have. Instead of taking drugs they’ve found a free way to get a quick high—choking themselves until they pass out.

It’s called the “Choking Game”, but also goes by “Fainting Game,” “Passing-Out Game,” even “Space Monkey.” Symptoms include: your child keeping a rope, or plastic bag, bloodshot eyes, headaches and marks on the child’s neck. Most adults have no clue this is going on, most kids have already heard about it.

The idea is simple—using their hands, arms, ropes or a belt, they cut off the oxygen to their brains until they pass out. Word of mouth, they teach each other methods to hyperventilate and pass out for a short period of time to experience a high.

Obviously, cutting off oxygen to one’s brain, even for a short period of time slowly causes ireparable brain damage. Unfortunately, most kids don’t reach that point because they die first. The deaths are in the hundreds and rising quickly.

Kelly Pilger, a 20-year-old, describes how it is done: “Press people up against a wall, until they didn’t have any oxygen, until they passed out.”

Teenagers are using belts, ties, bags, their own hands, or any other item that can cause oxygen deprivation. Pressure is applied to blood vessels or oxygen to the lungs is cut off, causing a reduction of oxygen to the heart and brain. The blood pressure is reduced and the body begins the process of dying.

When the choking game is “successful”, the pressure to the blood vessels is released, allowing oxygen to return to the brain, heart and other vital organs. However, this deadly game isn’t always “successful”.

Chelsea Dunn, a 13-year-old from Boise, Idaho, played the choking game – and lost. Her family found her hanging in her closet with a belt around her neck. Chelsea had apparently played the choking game the night before her family found her. A note Chelsea had written to her friend was found. It read: “I love doing that pass out thing. You wake up and you forget what happened. It comes back though you’re all tingly.”

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One Response to 'Getting a High…'

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    Loni | 07 November 2005

    Thank you for sharing this. Kids feel nothing will kill them – it is just a game. We learned the hardway of this game. We lost our 16 year old son to this 11 months ago. It’s been devastating. Parents & teachers need to be aware. We homeschool our children and are very involved in their lives. We never imagined something like this. He was a good kid. Loved life. 11 seconds of a high took his life.

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