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Twas the Holiday Party…

Yesterday was our department-wide holiday party—different from our group-wide holiday party the day before. See, it takes a bunch of groups to create a department, a bunch of departments create a division and all of those divisions create a company. We don’t have company-wide parties because trying to fit 7,000 people from all over the world would be a logistical nightmare. Our campus alone has about 3,000 people, so even that’s a challenge. Thus the department-wide holiday party.

Last year’s was our first. They’d had it catered with roast beef and mashed potatoes and veggies and all that goodness. We watched “Elf” afterwards and it was a well-spent couple of hours, where we left early.

This year’s was less glamorous, even though the company had a much better year overall. The catering consisted of 50 boxes of Round Table Pizza. The movie was “A Christmas Story”—yeah, the old one with Peter “You’ll Shoot Your Eye Out” Billingsley. Ugh. The last time I saw that movie was when it was originally released like 15 years ago. Needless to say, it wasn’t that exciting.

The nice part is that today is my Friday and tomorrow begins nearly two weeks off. I only used one day of vacation time, the rest is all “use it or lose it” time that’s additional to our vacation time.

What will I be doing. Absolutely no clue. Maybe I’ll find a project, maybe I’ll just relax. Friday, I’ll be preparing food all day for our family holiday party the next day. So with that I wish everyone a happy holiday. I might not update much next week or check much email, so be safe.

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