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Mr. Bergis…

Mr. Bergis has some anger management issues. This mother f-cking -sshole c-ntrag f-cking f-ggot n-gger f-ck is one of these good Christians that voted for Bush. Yeah. Kind of what I thought.

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2 Responses to 'Mr. Bergis…'

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    Bill J. | 17 January 2006

    …I’m pretty sure this qualifies as exploitation of the mentally handicapped, nein? 😛

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    Greg | 17 January 2006

    Yeah, someone’s a little gullible. Not only did they pull SIX pranks on him, but within those pranks called him back NUMEROUS times. Jesus. At some point wouldn’t you just stop answering the phone.

    He definitely needs to be hospitalized.

    My favorite parts are when he just starts going off at the end, beep beep beeping beep beep beep. 🙂