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Valentine Sweets…

My mom dropped by yesterday with some Valentine’s Day goodies for us. It’s her typical routine for Easter, Valentine’s Day, etc. So, she hands me this little bag filled with candy and stuff, and then turns around and gives me this heart-shaped cake she’d made, and without a pause, says “Happy Thanksgiving”. Erm.

So, I quickly respond, “Okay, Happy Thanksgiving”. And she busts out laughing. “I meant Happy Valentine’s Day”. She does that all that time. She’ll mean one thing and say something totally different. I’ve gotten used to it, so I take it in stride, but sometimes, it’s just funny.

So, Happy Thanksgiving.

Valentine's Cake

This is her creation. That blob in the center was supposed to be a heart, but since the cake was too warm when she put it on, it sort of melted all over the top, so this is what we have left. She tries.

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