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Hispanics Wanted…

A few days ago there was a knock on our door. Wifey™ answered and there were two men standing there in suits. We all know the type, they’re going to pull out their bible, their pamphlets and begin the conversion process right there at your front door. I’ve had my own experiences with people coming to my front door. I try to be as nice as possible when I’m giving them the kiss off, but sometimes things just go wrong. Like the kid that was selling magazine subscriptions and, after he made his little speech, I tried nicely to tell him that I just wasn’t interested, and he got all pissy at me for “wasting HIS time”. Erm. You little punk ass bastard, you’re standing at MY front door during dinner time and I’M wasting YOUR time. Ugh.

Anyhow, back to these two guys. They didn’t have a bible or any other paperwork to shove in her face. The only thing they asked was “Do you have any hispanic neighbors?” First, we have a big BONJOUR sign near our front door, so although we could be a family of hispanics, that sign might tip you off that we’re not. Second, why go door to door searching for hispanic families.

The only thing I can come up with, and I welcome any comments from people in the know, but it’s either religious people looking for other religious people, since most hispanics tend to be very religious, as was the hispanic side of my own family. Or, it’s political people looking for religious hispanics to get them to vote a certain way. I doubt they were selling subscriptions to hispanic magazines.

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One Response to 'Hispanics Wanted…'

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    Future Mrs D | 14 March 2006

    I had the same thing happen to me!! I don’t know what they wanted.

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