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A few weekends ago, Wifey™ and I took a little weekend drive up the coast and stopped at this little rest area where people were paragliding and hang gliding. We parked and walked over to where they were lifting off and stood and watched for awhile.

Then I went to take a few pictures and about three pictures in, my camera died. And I didn’t have any other batteries. So there went that.

I decided to head back this weekend and see if I could catch some shots, with a pocket full of batteries.

The neat thing about this specific area is that the hang gliders take off and then glide right over our heads. So I was able to get a few good shots in.

The biggest problem I tend to have with taking pictures with my camera, a Canon A95, is that I can’t ever seem to zoom in close enough. That’s the problem with a little point and shoot, even though I still consider it to be one of the best out there. So eventually I’ll probably have to look into getting something beefier. It’ll be a write off for the business, so that’s never been a problem. The real problem is, first, deciding what kind and second, trying to figure out if there’s a real need, as opposed to a want. So, I’ve just been waiting and so far, it’s been fine.

I guess I don’t have an interest in macro photography, because it feels like most people new to photography immediately want to take pictures of bugs eyeballs and stuff. Kind of boring. I’d rather get some tight action shots, like the hang gliders I saw today.

Anyhow, I took about 200 shots and found a handful that I actually liked. Typical.


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