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I wouldn’t exactly be considered a trend-setter. Nor would I be considered one to buy into the trends. Or even know what the trends are. Let’s just say you probably won’t be seeing me growing a beard, wearing a ponytail or slipping on some red cords anytime soon.

I was probably most fashionable during the early 70’s—when I wasn’t in control of what I was wearing. Yes, there are photos of me wearing plaid pants and striped shirts. I’m not sure if that’s what was in style at the time or if my mom just wanted to make sure she’d spot me if I wandered off. I think attaching a beacon to my head would have had the same effect. Of course, it probably would have slipped off my bowl haircut at the time.

When I began elementary school, I dressed in whatever was given to me—mostly button-down casual shirts and docker-type pants. The bowl haircut had succombed to a “part on the left” style ‘do. When you’re in first grade style is the last thing on your mind.

By third grade, I’d changed my image and began wearing all jeans, all the time. Call me a rebel. Jeans and t-shirts with my feathered hair look. I wouldn’t exactly say I was a fashion plate or anything, but what can you do. It was third grade.

By the time junior high came around—7th and 8th grades—I made a drastic change to my image. It was the late 80’s and the Don Johnson/Miami Vice look was in. The hair changed to a part in the center, feathered type of look and for the first and last time in my life, I wore some white jeans and a teal shirt. Ugh. Surprisingly, other people were dressed this way too. Try to go out and find some white jeans today.

By high school, I’d come full circle and was back to the “part on the left”, although I did attempt a “part on the right” and was into a more preppy type look. I don’t think I wore jeans at all during my high school years. It was more of a cardigan/polo shirt type of look.

After high school, I took on the college look with sweatshirts, sweatpants and jeans. Half the time I didn’t even comb my hair or even shave. And there was a goatee period in there. Talk about a transitionary time.

These days I don’t even know what the trends are in fashion. I tend to look for comfort. For work it’s button downs and slacks, on weekends it’s tshirts and jeans. My hair now, just gets a quick buzz. I don’t have time for the three-inch high hairdo I had back in high school, so I opt for a close that’s closer to a quarter of an inch. It’s a wash and wear style that works with my lifestyle. I’m waiting for it all to just fall out so I can use a towel to pat my head dry and be done with it. I’d certainly save on the styling gel.

I think image was most important back during my school days. People say appearances aren’t everything, but they certainly are a first impression. Unfortunately, people judge immediately based on a person’s looks and never get to the point of actually talking to them. So I tried a little harder to have a style—even a neutral one.

I remember one of my friends, who I still know 25 years later, trying to cool me up in third grade by rolling up my jacket sleeves like Michael Jackson was doing at the time. It was worth a try but in the end I just had to be me.

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