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The Cowboy Way…

A few minutes ago I was in the lunchroom heating up my gourmet microwavable dinner and the television was tuned into PBS. There’s this cowboy and a woman on the screen, and it’s obviously some kind of cowboy cooking show. It appears that he’s showing her how to cook while out on the prairie or something and he’s showing her how cowboy’s cook steak.

The first step is start heating up your frying pan over the open flame. The second step is to take your steak and slap it on the flat side of a cut log. I kid you not. He slapped his steak onto some log. Then, and it gets better, he grabs another log and starts beating the crap out of his steak to “tenderdize” it. Ugh. Now, I don’t know about you, but if I had to choose between having my steak a little tough or tenderdized by a couple of dirty logs, I’d choose the tough steak.

Anyhow, then he starts making the “gravy”—a combination of steak fat, flour and oil. Stir it up with the steak right there in the center and when it starts a’smokin you’re about ready. Just pop it on a plate, add your potatoes and your chunk of bread to “sop up the gravy” and you’ve got a meal.

And that’s about it. So next time you need your meat tenderdized, just grab some old logs and go at it. I think I’ll stick with my microwavable meal for now though, thanks.

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