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For the past few weeks, I’ve been watching this show called “Solitary” on FoxReality. The premise of the show is that they stick nine people into solitary confinement cubes for eight weeks, performing tests until each of them wears out under the strain. Their only contact is with a computerized voice named Val. They sleep when she lets them, they eat when she lets them and they go to the bathroom if she gives them permission. Otherwise, they are locked in this cube with no sense of day or night or time.

Some of the tests include sleep deprivation, laying for hours on a bed of nails, days of starvation and then being forced to eat until one of them throws up, loud noises and much more.

Anyhow, so I usually Tivo this and watch it when I have some free time. The final episode was the other day and only two were left. I had my ideas about who might win. So during the last twenty minutes of the final episode, they show this commercial that basically said “Stay tuned for an interview with Steven, the winner of Solitary”. And then they went back to the show, where the two final players, Steven and Mark, were facing off…

Erm. And I sat there in disbelief that they had actually just announced the winner during the final episode, while people were still watching on pins and needles to see who would win. Ugh.

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