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Do It Yourself Lipo…

Okay, so I feel bad that she died, but come on now. Does anyone else think you have to be really stupid to have liposuction done at home in your basement? Any red flags there? Sometimes I have to wonder what goes through people’s heads.

2 Responses to 'Do It Yourself Lipo…'

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    Rhea | 31 July 2006

    Really bad idea to do lipo in the basement. Now, bile duct implantation and laser eye surgery are a totally different story. These can be done anywhere in the house.

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    Greg | 31 July 2006

    Haha. Yeah, isn’t liposuction more of a bedroom type of thing. Like I said, people continue to amaze me. Wouldn’t you hesitate a little when the guy, who can barely speak english, pulls a liposuction machine out of the trunk of his Datsun. How about adding a corneal transplant to the list as long as we’re at it. Got a suitcase full of eyeballs waiting for a home. Ugh.

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