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Once again, the American public amazes me with their ignorance and prudishness. Baby Talk magazine has been around for a number of years and is usually given away for free to new parents, who are probably frantically looking for their little instruction book. Inside the magazine, they talk about all of the things you can expect when you become a parent, from feedings to sleeping to nursing.

This particular issue has an article about breast feeding and as an accompaniment, their cover photo features a small baby sucking on it’s mother’s breast. It’s a natural thing that is done by most animals and by us humans, as well.

The response to the cover has been greeted as though it’s the cover for some hardcore porn magazine. People are outraged, even tearing the covers off magazine, so that people don’t have to be subjected to such filth. And one lady even went so far as to shred her copy of the magazine so that her son and HUSBAND wouldn’t see it. Erm. Now, let’s hold on for one second. Take a look at the cover once again. For all we know, that could be someone’s elbow that slid into the frame of the photo. And if that lady is trying to tell us that when they were creating that son of theirs, her husband wasn’t playing bouncy balls with her boobs, then she’s in big time denial. The point is that I’m sure he’s seen more boob than the slice of boob on the cover of that magazine.

Sometimes I just don’t understand the American culture. Other countries have progressed to a point where body parts aren’t that big of a deal, but here in America we’re still making blurry spots over nipples and penises. I think people just need to get out a little more often and stop worrying so much about body parts that we’ve all got and that we’ve all seen. Maybe if these over-protective parents stopped trying to hide sexuality from their kids, they wouldn’t end up becoming grandparents at the age of 40.

As the Baby Talk editors said, “It’s not like [they] are whipping them out with tassels on them!”

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