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Day One: A Bumpy Start

Well, I’m typing this entry out in a hotel somewhere deep in Illinois, outside of Chicago. We were supposed to be in Montreal by now. It didn’t happen.

The only thing that went right today was that my friend picked us up early and got us to the airport. From there it all went straight down the toilet. After check-in, we headed through security which went pretty quickly. It was the usual take off your shoes, your coat, your pants, bend over and cough. The only mishap was after the laptop went through the screening area and flew off the table onto the floor. Luckily, apparently it’s still working.

Once we got onto our flight, we were told that there were some weather delays in Chicago and that we’d have a fifty minute wait. Packing into a sardine can of a plane, sitting outside the terminal for fifty minutes. Within that period of time, this Indian guy who was sitting next to us whipped out his tupperwares full of food and started eating it. The stuff smelled like it came out of someone’s ass and it quickly began to take over the plane. I watched as people walked by and winced. Imagine sitting next to him. Within half an hour he’d finished it and a few minutes later, the pilot came back on to inform us that we’d be sitting on the tarmac for another hour. At this point, Wifey™ and I knew we could kiss our connecting flight goodbye.

After two hours of sitting on the runway, we finally took off. The flight pattern was changed to make up the time and there was actually hope that we’d make our connection in Chicago. The flight was long and cramped and arriving in Chicago seemed like it would be a good thing. Until we got to our connecting gate and were told they’d cancelled our flight. Erm. As we stood there asking how the fuck they intended on getting the hell out of Chicago, they returned by telling us that we’d be spending a night in their lovely city. At the same time another flight was on it’s way out to Montreal. A flight we weren’t going to be allowed to get onto because those people had tickets for that flight. Nevermind we had tickets for a flight too—just not that one. Yeah. Sucks to be us. We were offered a myriad of selections on how to proceed, and none of them involved getting on that flight.

First, we had the option of sleeping in the airport or getting a hotel voucher from them. Not a free room, but a discounted one. Uh huh. We chose the hotel. Second, we had the option of flying out of Chicago to Miami and then onto a Montreal or flying directly to Montreal. Um. We chose the direct flight instead of flying all over the country. Go figure.

So, we grab our voucher and head outside to find the shuttle. While standing outside waiting for said shuttle, it start to get windy. Then there’s a little thunder and lightening. Next thing you know it’s raining. And finally we get some hail. All of this while waiting for the shuttle. Finally the shuttle arrives and about a half hour ride later, we arrive, check in and immediately the power goes out. Moments later it’s back on. Someone cut us a break on that one.

Regardless, now we’re in some sketchy hotel in the middle of who knows where waiting to get a good night’s sleep and get the fuck out of dodge. If you’re from Chicago or any of the surrounding areas, I apologize in advance because I can’t wait to get the hell out of here.

And that was just Day One. What will Day Two have in store for us. The only break I’ve managed to get it some internet service. Woohoo.

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One Response to 'Day One: A Bumpy Start'

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    Anne Elizabeth | 03 October 2006

    You poor thin ! What a lousy thing to happen ! Spending one’s day at an airport sucks… Hope tomorrow is better and you get to Montreal without incident !

    Anne Elizabeth of Make My Cop Come

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