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Pelosi vs. Lobbyists…

Looks like Pelosi has her eye on sweeping the lobbyists out of town with her new bill aimed at keeping House members and their aides from using jets or accepting gifts from lobbyists. Of course, the Democrats would need to gain control of the House first…but that doesn’t appear to be much of a problem.

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2 Responses to 'Pelosi vs. Lobbyists…'

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    Bill J. | 31 October 2006

    I’m not excited about Pelosi becoming speaker, as you can probably imagine, but I’m looking forward for the House to go back over to Democrat control. One-party rule has never worked in the history of the world, and the problems now are a good case study in why.

    This proposal in particular is something I could really get behind. I would hope most sensible people could support a chamber rule designed to reduce lobbyist influence.

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    Greg | 01 November 2006

    I agree with your statement that one-party rule doens’t work. As you stated, the problems we have now are a result of a lack of checks and balances our country was supposed to be founded on. Basically, you have one party making all of the decisions, pushing through their agenda, while the other sits by with their hands tied because they don’t have the votes to do anything. What a mess.

    I almost feel like the way the government is set up just needs a total overhaul at this point.

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