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A Little Holiday Magic…

Christmas Trilogy

I was a little surprised this year to find many of my local stores already putting out their Christmas displays in September. The summer had barely ended, and shelves full of ornaments, platters and holiday wreaths began to appear. Right after Halloween, they went into full decorating mode. If there’s some money to be made, stores will figure out a way. Anyone remember a time when holiday merchandise didn’t get put out until the day after Thanksgiving. Yeah, I certainly do. It was something to look forward to. A month full of Christmas decorations everywhere you’d look. Now it’s turned into four months of Christmas, and by the time Christmas actually arrives you’re pretty sick of seeing the stuff.

For now though, my holiday spirit hasn’t been saturated and so the other day I bought a compliation pack for the Trans-Siberian Orchestra. I’ve been a fan for years, but never really owned any of their CD’s. With downloading now, I found one of their songs on iTunes and decided to splurge and just buy their 3-CD pack, that also comes with a DVD. What I love about this is that it’s not your typical Christmas music with organs and violins, but instead brings a hard rock attitude. It’s got five stars from twenty reviewers at Amazon and is one of their top sellers. I’ve heard the DVD is one of the best parts of the trilogy, so I might just bring it with me to our family holiday get together. Read the reviews and decide for yourself.

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One Response to 'A Little Holiday Magic…'

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    Anne Elizabeth | 03 November 2006

    It would be very nice indeed if the general rule that was followed was no advertising for one holiday until the last one is finished.
    That would mean this month was Thanksgiving. And we wouldn’t see a Christmas ornament until December 1st.

    And then after New Year’s they could start putting up the Valentine’s Day things…

    Anne Elizabeth who really would like to feel the Spirit — and not just commercialism.

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