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Where’d He Go…

You might be wondering where I went for the past few weeks.  Or maybe not.  But if you have, stick around and I’ll let you know.

It all actually began a few weeks ago when I saw an ad online for a position with a smaller, local company that sounded right up my alley—a good mix of print and web.  I spruced up my resume, wrote up a cover letter and sent it in.

I didn’t expect to hear back and was surprised when I not only got a response the very next day, but was asked to come in for an interview the following day.  This gave me one day to get my portfolio in order and toss in some new work to present to them.

So, interview day comes and the interview goes smoother than any other I’ve been to.  It was a very relaxed atmosphere, easy questions and I actually didn’t leave feeling like I should have said something more or differently.  Everyone I’d met seemed friendly, happy and content with their jobs.

By the next day, I’d received a job offer—four days after I initially applied.  This, of course, made me nervous.  Why were they so eager to get a body in for this job?  Does it suck and they just weren’t telling me?  Should I look at other opportunities?  I told the HR person that I’d need to think about it over the weekend and give her a reply by the next Monday.

Honestly, I barely had to think about it at all. Everything about the position seemed to fit my skillset and I certainly wasn’t getting any happier with my current position, so why not give it a shot.  They were offering more money and a happy, friendlier atmosphere to work in.

That Monday I let them know I’d take the position and then told me supervisor that I was leaving the company.  I gave them a week and two days notice.  Honestly, there wasn’t enough work to keep me busy even for  that amount of time, but it’s the least I could do.

That week and two days took forever.  Absolutely nothing to do.  It was mostly people coming by and saying goodbye, saying they wish it was them that was leaving, saying how they were stuck and didn’t feel like they could change jobs.  Kind of depressing if you ask me.

Another interesting thing were the people that came to wish me off with the ulterior motive of wanting some of my desk stuff—like the floor mat, or the foot rest, or the office supplies, or the desk shelf.  I swear, by my last day my cube was completely ransacked.  Not only did it look like I never sat there, it actually looked like no one ever sat there.  I wouldn’t be surprised if they took my chairs as well.

Anyhow, I’m a week into my new job and it’s going very well. I’ve already been able to help redesign a few email blasts and I’m sure there are going to be plenty of other opportunities coming down the line.

So, that’s what I’ve been up to.

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