Plays Well With Others

The Electric Slide…

There’s just something fundamentally wrong with watching your coworkers do the Electric Slide. It’s not a dance I’ve ever learned and probably a dance I’ll ever want to learn. If you’re too young to even know what I’m talking about, well, attend a wedding and watch all the old people go running to the dance floor and do a group synchronized dance. That’s probably it.

It’s like their bodies are taken over by some higher authority and they HAVE to do the Electric Slide. They hear the song, something forces them to get to the dance floor and then they all start doing the same exact dance at the same exact time. Half of them don’t even have smiles on their faces, like they’re deep in concentration over the next few dance moves. Ugh.

It’s a party staple. It’s a good dance for young and old. It’s a dance with preset moves and as long as you know them, you’re in.

I know you want to do it, so here you go:

Wifey™ attended my annual holiday party, which was my first with this company and a good time. Seeing coworkers out of their natural work environment is a little weird, but it’s good to see people having fun. Especially when that quiet lady from accounting jumps up and starts doing the Electric Slide.

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