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Ups and Downs…

Sometimes life just has it’s ups and downs.  Most of the time things are going very well and then you hit a bump in the road and the tires pop and you’re stranded on some desolate highway, in the dark and cold, waiting for somebody to pull alongside you…only to find out they are a murderer wanting to shoot you dead.

What was I talking about.

Oh yeah, ups and downs.  Find out a former teacher passed away was sad.  I’d spent so much time with him during high school and afterwords that it was like losing a friend.  He was one of those people everyone really liked.  This week I also found out that a former high school classmates sister turned up missing in the dense brush of a local walking trail.  She was upset over a breakup, so they are painting that picture.  Who knows.  Maybe she just took a wrong turn.  The search has been called off and that’s never a good thing.  It’s getting colder and the rain is coming down.

I’ve never handled death well (internally).  I handle it the way I’m supposed to handle it (externally).  Stiff upper lip.  I go right into “handle it” mode.  There are things that need to be done and while everyone else is a broken down mess, I push all of that to the back and handle it.  Internally, a little piece of my heart breaks knowing I’ll never see that person again.  I’ll never talk to them or hug them or just hang out with them.  A piece of my life is now a piece of my history.

But those times are few and far between. I’d say, 99% of the time thing are going well. As well as they can go.  I mean, there are probably different levels of how great things can get.  There’s the level of great that falls within your expectations and then there’s that level of great, like if you just won $100 million.  I mean, if you win that much, the bar just went up quite a bit.  So, what made you happy previously pretty much won’t anymore.

Anyhow, this is kind of a rambling entry.  I’ll have to start a new one on our big night out that I was actually going to write about in the first place.

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