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Stimulating the Economy…

I remember it like it was yesterday.  Bill Clinton left the Oval Office, leaving us with a budget surplus and an expanding economy.  Those were the days.

Almost immediately, the Bush team began working on ways to put that money back in the hands of the American people.  And they did.  I got back a few hundred bucks.  I’m sure there were some wealthier folks out there that got a whole lot more.

My problem with the rebate plan back then was that we didn’t really need for the money to be given back to us. I think, if I’m like most people out there, once you give your hard earned cash to the government, you pretty much never expect to see it back ever again.  Rather than handing me a check for a couple hundred bucks, I could have thought of thousands of better ways to spend the extra cash.  Just to name a few, how about fixing all of the schools out there that need some fixing, or how about setting up a fund for medical insurance for people that need it, or maybe some of it could have gone back into communities that needed it.

Instead, they gave it back.

A few months later, 9/11 happened. And then we started a war with a country that had nothing to do with it.  Oh yeah, and where’s Osama Bin Laden again.  And then Katrina.  And it goes on and on.

And now the country is trillions of dollar in debt because of a war no one ever wanted. Our economy is tanking. People are losing their homes.

And the politicians want to give us some more money—about $800 for a single person and $1600 if you’re married.  Now, here’s the part I’m not exactly understanding.  We’re trillions of dollars in debt and they want to give us some money.  Exactly where does this money come from?

Now the Republicans want to just give the money to taxpayers. Basically, you earn enough money to pay taxes, so we’re going to give you some money back.  And the Democrats want everyone to get a check back, regardless of whether they actually put money into system.  Huh?  The thought process is that poor folk tend to be more reckless with free money, so they’ll go out and buy a plasma or something stupid with it and stimulate the economy.  Well, I can’t really disagree with that.  I mean, if you’ve ever watch Judge Judy and have seen these ghetto people out there with an “inheritance” of a couple thousand, you’ll also know how they spend their money. Ugh.

Anyhow, I like to think of the last eight years as a nightmare in my life. At least I can sleep soundly knowing that I had nothing to do with it, though. I mean, I voted for Gore back in 2000. Our biggest worry would be the environment and not a WAR.

I’m still not too keen on the whole stimulation rebate. I think the government could find other things to spend money on, rather than to basically funnel it to big business through us. That whole medical insurance problem still exists, and social security isn’t getting any better, and how about all these people who’ve lost their homes.  Where do the politicians expect people to hang that new plasma when they don’t even have a home anymore?

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