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Dexter: Season One…

We’ve watched all of Dexter: Season Two on Showtime.  It’s a really good show and has a permanent place on our DVR.

The guy is a serial killer… with a twist. He had these urges since he was young boy and his father, a police detective, noticed them.  So, he trained him to use the urges to kill for good.  He taught him to only kill bad people.  And that’s what Dexter does.  He kills people that have done something really bad.  Oh, and he also happens to be a blood splatter expert for the police department.

We came in during the second season and have been hoping to catch season one and now we’ll have our chance.  It’s going to be showing on CBS starting Sunday, February 17th.  They’re going to cut out the really bad stuff that you can only show on Showtime, but honestly aside from the occassional boob or some bad language, you probably won’t miss much.

If you like this sort of thing, I’d recommend you try and catch Dexter.  For a serial killer, you kind of end up liking him… which is the point.

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