Plays Well With Others

Chapter Two …

Aside from an entry in January 2009, my last entry occurred in March 2008 … six years ago. I started this blog in 1999 … 15 years ago. I was 26. Now I’m 40. A lot has changed, which I’ll briefly recap below.

I work for a different company. In 2008, I wrote about starting a job with a smaller membership organization, which I loved. However, due to some internal struggles and lack of being able to get a job that I wanted within the organization, I ended up leaving. The cool part about that job is that I made a lot of networking contacts that I’ve used to get new positions and also some invaluable job experience. Today, I’m working for a mid-sized CPA company managing their website. So far so good.

I’m not in Kansas anymore. Well, I was never in Kansas. But I did move to another city far, far away. There are lots of cows. And dry grass. And not much else. I drive about an hour a day to work and an hour back. Why move so far? Well, that leads me to my next change …

I got divorced. I won’t get into the nitty gritty, but we’d been married nearly ten years and it came to get real. Getting divorced sucked, but at the same time it was a big relief. When things aren’t going in the right direction, you can either live with it or change it.

I re-found someone. On Facebook. We worked together as teenagers and twenty years later reconnect using social media. Crazy shit. We were both freshly out of relationships, the timing was right and so we hooked up. We are now engaged and gearing up to get married in 2014.

I turned 40. And with that there are stories.

Various people have come and gone from my life. The tides have changed and in the end, I’m in a better place. There are plenty of new stories to tell with a new outlook and the wisdom life brings. Here’s to moving forward …

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