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The Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) …

No news on the Supreme Court judgement regarding the Defense of Marriage Act. It is expected that they will be making a decision this week as to whether same sex couples will be allowed to marry, and more importantly, be able to receive the same types of federal benefits that opposite couples receive.

That said, I can’t believe that in this day and age (or maybe I can), that people are even concerned with this issues. AND, that the Supreme Court has to be involved in making a DECISION on it. It’s the abortion issue all over again, brought on by a bunch of conservative, bible thumping people that want to control what everyone in the “free’ world does with their bodies.

I’ve always felt that abortions are an issue best left to individuals. For whatever reason, a girl gets pregnant and decides that she can’t deal with having a child, she should be able to walk into a doctors office or clinic and resolve the issue. I’ll even give the allowance to put some kind of structure around it and say that the abortion has to happen within the first trimester (three months). After that, sorry Charlie. But to try and force someone who is 15 or worse, that has been raped, to keep a child is crazy. Are these conservatives going to volunteer to raise these kids? Are they going to allow themselves to be taxed more to build orphanages? Where will these kids go? In my opinion, let the bearer of the child decide and move on.

Which brings me to same sex marriage … who does it hurt?


These two guys have been together for 54 years. How many couples have been together that long? Not many. The truth is that many same sex couples are together for a very long time. And some aren’t. In that way, all relationships tend to be the same. There are cheaters; there are break-ups; there are some that love each other for better and for worse. In the end, who are we to decide whether someone should get married. And to that end, if they are allowed to get married, then they should be able to receive all of the benefits that the law provides. Certainly, it shouldn’t need to be decided by the Supreme Court.

My question is: How is this not a discrimination case? If you look up discrimination, the definition states, “Discrimination is the prejudicial and/or distinguishing treatment of an individual based on their actual or perceived membership in a certain group or category, ‘in a way that is worse than the way people are usually treated.'” In my opinion, by not allowing same sex couples to get married, is treating them differently based on their perceived membership in a group or category. It’s made worse because they are losing out on federal benefits that other people are allowed to have.

I realize that the conservative, bible thumpers want to “protect marriage” but in my opinion, I would like to be protected from THEM. Not everyone holds the same beliefs and not everyone wants to become a part of a particular religion. In my experiences, some of the worst violators of their own doctrines are some of these religious folks. Many are hypocritical in their actions and as we’ve heard on the news, those shouting the loudest about gay marriage tend to be those hiding in bathroom stalls getting their poles yanked.

I guess, soon, we’ll hear how the Supreme Court sees it. And that will be that. So much for freedom.

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