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Closer to equality for all …

The Supreme Court ruled today that Defense of Marriage Act is unconstitutional. This means that the federal government can not ban same-sex marriages, but also means that it’s up to states to define and regulate marriage. The court also dismissed a California case involving a gay marriage ban. All of this broadens the ability for same-sex couples to marry in a number of states.

It’s disappointing to me that its taken so long for California to get on the ball, since we have such a large gay population. Rather than being leaders for gay marriage, we are now following the pack … and that’s disappointing.

Nonetheless, I’m happy that we are getting closer to marriage equality for all people regardless of race, gender or relationship status. My hope is that this ends the back and forth of bias and begins a period where people can love freely and marry freely.

There will still be more conservative states that don’t allow it and that’s fine. At least there will be options for where gay people can live, marry and be accepted. For California, I think a majority of residents have been accepting, but unfortunately, the law didn’t match our beliefs. Now it does.


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